Liege Bastogne Liege 2016

"A very cold day in april."


On the 23rd of april me and my mates rode our last spring classic of this year. Liege Bastogne Liege. 159km.

With loads of hills and small mountains to climb it proved to be a tough but fun day. I'm not a particular good climber but small uphill finishes like this suite me very well. After the cold rainy start, we begon a long journey towards Bastogne, before turning backwards to Liege.


After 104km we faced the legend that is "La Redoute". About 15 kilometers before "La Redoute" I was riding hard in a group with lots of Cycloteam Belgium members. Because of heavy crosswinds we were riding in echelons. That was extremely fun. We reached La Redoute with almost 40 km/h. I needed a little second to adapt to the steepness. But I always loved this climb and this time was no exception. The steep terrain, the crowd that was screaming at me, everything made me forget the pain. Eventually I put in my fastest time ever.


In the descent I took the lead and quickly we reached La Roche aux Faucons. This climb, which is only featured 8 times in LBL, has always proven to be a tough one. And so it was today. I lost touch with the Cycloteam Belgium but I kept the gap small so I could get back with a fast descent.


After a crazy descent I reached the Cote de Saint Nicholas. This is a fantastic climb. Houses on each side, smooth asfalt, cheering crowds and nothing but asthmatic sounding athletes. It's these moments, that make me smile and think of how beautiful cycling, and all sports, can be. 


After a tough but fun day in the saddle, I discovered one thing:"When the form is good, the pain isn't that bad." D.L.