Egmond - Pier - Egmond 2016

"Let's go to the beach, let's get away." 


The 9th of January marked the day of my first ever beach race. The famous Egmond - Pier - Egmond. 36 kilometers on mostly beach.


If you look at the map, it looks very complicated. But i'll try to explain.


Basically it's 1 kilometer on the road, than a descent onto the beach., 17 kilometers south, 500 meters of walking through deep sand, 500 meters of stairs up and down, and you guessed it, 17 kilometers north with one small hill on the road at the end. Sounds complicated right? To quote Jeremy Clarkson: "How hard can it be?"


As it turns out, very. It's not the distance, it's not the speed, it's not the walking or the million stairs. It's all together. I rode 36,85 kilometers all out with an average heart rate of 169 bpm. In plain English that means pain.


After a final sprint up the hill I marked a very respectable 1h22m58sec. 


I do definitely get the appeal of beach racing, but it's not something I would consider more than once a year.