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27. januari 2017
Zoals jullie wellicht weten is één van mijn doelen voor 2017 om meer triatlons te gaan rijden. Via Instagram werd ik geattendeerd op de triatlon Krimpenerwaard, die op 27 mei 2017 gehouden wordt. Ik besloot maar meteen de koe bij de horens te vatten en heb mij ingeschreven. De 1/4 was helaas al vol, dus heb mij ingeschreven voor de 1/8. Hoef ik minder ver te lopen. Hihi.
18. juli 2016
In trying to get more used to transition between cycling and running i'm going to train this the coming weeks. How? Well, simply by cycling at least 90km and afterwards running at least 10km. And more importantly, trying to do a lot of mile repeats at race pace. This is so my body can get used to the hard effort immediately after coming of the bike. I know it's not the full length of my Ironman 70.3 goal, but the long run effort I'll do at another time in the week. Also, my endurance is already...
16. juli 2016
After my training day, I always try to make time to go for a ride with my girl. As we made a promise to each other at the beginning of her summer holiday to try and ride 3 times a week. So today was #NOEXCUSE for me. So, after a my recovery shake and a nice ice cold drink, we quickly went on our way together.
16. juli 2016
Today was going to be tough. Planned for a hard 125km bike ride and after an immediate transition into a 11km run.
11. juli 2016
08. juli 2016
On Monday afternoon I decided to go for a quick loop on the TT bike. Just to feel how my legs were after a weekend of intense training. At the turn around point near Capelle a/d IJssel I checked my average speed and power output. 34,6km/h and 249watts. With a tail wind going back I decided to give it all to try and get a personal best. But it was not to be. After a little corner I stood on the pedals to accelerate when suddenly I was lying on the asphalt. I was in total disbelieve in what just...
07. juli 2016
About 14 months ago I was asked by a friend to test new Schwalbe one tires. Namely the tubeless version. A complete kit was provided and we were eager to start putting the tires on. After several failed attempts and a very messy garage, we managed to fill the tires with air and sealant. A word of advice, PLEASE DON'T TRY TO DO THIS IN YOUR MOMS KITCHEN. OR WORSE, YOUR WIFE'S KITCHEN.