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23. mei 2016
Today was all about resting the body. The hard work is done. Now just relaxing and waiting at the pool. Getting some sun and some sleep. And off course, coffee.
22. mei 2016
Today is the last effective day of this training camp in Tenerife. After yesterday's heavy ride up El Teide today was about two things. First to get a recovery ride of about 50 kilometers on the racing bike. Just to ease the legs, and get the blood flowing through the body. Nothing special training wise, just keeping the watts and the heart rate low. It was also a great excuse to get some nice video's for the website. I'll be uploading them in a few days. The second part of the day was about...
21. mei 2016
And then it's already Saturday. Only 2 complete days of training possibilities left. Monday evening i'm flying back to the Netherlands. So Monday will just be on the mountain bike exploring the unexplored parts of this region. I've spotted a nice little abandoned church on a hillside about 10 kilometers from here. I will try to ride there somehow. And please don't get me wrong. I've loved every moment here, but it will be so nice to hold my girl again. Yesterday I decided today would be a ride...