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26. augustus 2016
Today is the day before our main race of this year. The Velomediane Claudy Criquilion. With its 174km and 3800 altitude meters it's one of the toughest sportives out there. Maybe only La Marmotte comes close to this experience. We left around mid day so we could have an easy ride into town to "warm up the legs" as they say. Apart from some traffic jams we had a nice ride towards our little hostel. Yes hostel, not hotel. It's like being 16 again on a school trip. But it's fun. A nice place with...
11. augustus 2016
Just before diner my illness came back, and this time in such a way, which lead me to another visit at the doctor. This time I had a high fever and all the signs of the flu. The doctor told me to take it easy and eat a proper meal. So at diner, that's what I did.