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16. juli 2016
After my training day, I always try to make time to go for a ride with my girl. As we made a promise to each other at the beginning of her summer holiday to try and ride 3 times a week. So today was #NOEXCUSE for me. So, after a my recovery shake and a nice ice cold drink, we quickly went on our way together.
01. juni 2016
Every six weeks I pick up my little calendar and write in my specific training schedule for every day of the week. Why every six weeks? Because I need to mix it up, to keep it interesting, and to push your body to do new things. But the most important reason is that some training loads your body just can't sustain all year. So for me it works to make a new training schedule ever six weeks. I don't do major overhauls, after all, i'm still a triathlete, so it's always going to be with that kind...