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08. juli 2016
On Monday afternoon I decided to go for a quick loop on the TT bike. Just to feel how my legs were after a weekend of intense training. At the turn around point near Capelle a/d IJssel I checked my average speed and power output. 34,6km/h and 249watts. With a tail wind going back I decided to give it all to try and get a personal best. But it was not to be. After a little corner I stood on the pedals to accelerate when suddenly I was lying on the asphalt. I was in total disbelieve in what just...
07. juli 2016
About 14 months ago I was asked by a friend to test new Schwalbe one tires. Namely the tubeless version. A complete kit was provided and we were eager to start putting the tires on. After several failed attempts and a very messy garage, we managed to fill the tires with air and sealant. A word of advice, PLEASE DON'T TRY TO DO THIS IN YOUR MOMS KITCHEN. OR WORSE, YOUR WIFE'S KITCHEN.