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15. augustus 2018
De BEMC marathon. Het kleine broertje van de BEMC 3-daagse rittenwedstrijd is een marathon verreden in en rond Bertrix in het hart van de Belgische Ardennen. 100km met daarin 2700 hoogtemeters verstopt. Ik zeg verstopt, maar eigenlijk slaan ze je ermee om te oren. Een kleine flashback. Precies 12 maanden geleden stond ik ook aan de start deze wedstrijd. Zonder ervaring maar met een goed vormpeil na training in Oostenrijk. Die dag zette een beetje een trend voor het einde van 2017. Vallen na...
22. december 2016
It's been a while since my last update, but it's not because I wasn't working on new ideas. The last couple of weeks have been very busy and I've been thinking of some sort of strategy for the website. To get it a little more structured. So i've been asking around for advice regarding language, and planning.
06. november 2016
As some of you might know, I'm currently learning to become a certified running coach / trainer. Why? I hear you ask. Well, firstly because I wanna learn more about the theory and science behind running. I've always been fascinated by the science behind any sports. From experience I know running is a lot more than meets the eye. The right technique can make you run easier and faster. But more importantly, the right technique can prevent injuries. My second reason is more career related. As my...
29. oktober 2016
Today I decided to go for a fun training on the trails. Not so much for training purposes, but mainly to have fun in the little bike park. In just a 50 minute drive i'm in Vlaardingen Bikepark. Which is mainly used as a XC trail. There's a 9km route that takes you through the entire park. The route houses a few tricky corners and some nice obstacles. No real hills, but there are some inclines. For those who want to improve their skills there is small bike park which houses difficult descents,...
26. oktober 2016
As you all probably know, it's been quite a while since I last posted something new on my website. I've not been away or anything, i've just been carefully planning my next move. I wanna take this website to a new level and to do that, I need a bit of planning and preparation. So, i promise, lots of stories and adventures are coming online soon. But for now, here are some new videos from me riding with my mates the last couple of weeks. Winter is coming, so it's getting pretty cold. But the...
30. augustus 2016
27th of august 2016. La Roche en Ardenne. 8:48am. One of my main goal race is about to start. I'm feeling good, although slightly in the unknown about my form, as my recent races hasn't really been going to plan. But, there's nothing I can do about that know so i'm gonna give it my all and then it should be enough for a gold medal. The day promises to be a nice one. With temperatures up to 38degrees celsius. Maybe a little to hot for racing in the hills, but better than in the rain. I'm riding...
26. augustus 2016
Today is the day before our main race of this year. The Velomediane Claudy Criquilion. With its 174km and 3800 altitude meters it's one of the toughest sportives out there. Maybe only La Marmotte comes close to this experience. We left around mid day so we could have an easy ride into town to "warm up the legs" as they say. Apart from some traffic jams we had a nice ride towards our little hostel. Yes hostel, not hotel. It's like being 16 again on a school trip. But it's fun. A nice place with...
15. augustus 2016
Today's training was going to be a nice solid ride on the tri bike. Me and Piet Boom met up at my place for a nice up tempo 80k ride. A ferry to cross the river, then a 30k ride towards the bridge of Vianen, cross the bridge towards Nieuwegein and then do some laps on the cycling track Nedereindse berg. A small 2.6k track with a small ascent in the middle. It's not much, but enough to hurt the legs.
06. augustus 2016
As you've seen by now, i'm more a road cyclist than I am a mountain biker. I love mountain biking because it allows a lot more goofing around and doing crazy stuff than on my road bike. Not that I don't try on the road bike, I do. Because i'm not on my mountainbike every week, I needed to set-up my suspension for the upcoming event. I think it's mostly going to be XC with a little bit of enduro down hill parts. That just seems like a lot of fun! With the suspension set correctly off course.
03. augustus 2016
As some of you might know, we have a small group of riders we ride with on Wednesdays and during the weekend. Even though sometimes it's hard to get everyone together, we try to keep in touch en ride together at least once a week. Today was no exception even though today was only me and my mate Piet Boom.

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