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29. mei 2016
Almost every Sunday, on the schedule there's an endurance ride with my mates. Most of the times it's just me and the Brother Piet & Corne Boom, but occasionally some other friends join in. More riders equals more fun. Riding with a group can be great, but you always have to focus on your own training objective.
16. mei 2016
Sometimes things just don't go as planned. Today was supposed to be an easy recon day. But it quickly turned into a 58 kilometer ascent to El Teide. The day started by getting some essential groceries. Pasta's, bread, tuna, Nutella, and the most important thing: Coffee. There is a supermarket close by and everyone is very helpful there. Also compliments to my apartment. A 3 room king size apartment is more than I need but it's nice to be able to put my bikes in separate rooms, if they get into...