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11. augustus 2016
Just before diner my illness came back, and this time in such a way, which lead me to another visit at the doctor. This time I had a high fever and all the signs of the flu. The doctor told me to take it easy and eat a proper meal. So at diner, that's what I did.
10. augustus 2016
The first night was a night with not a lot of sleep. Sleeping in a large hall with 200 people can get noisy at night. Eventually I fell asleep and then my alarm went off. Filled with excitement I got dressed and went to get breakfast. I must say, an excellent buffet style breakfast. Good sandwiches, lots of choice in oatmeals etcetera and good coffee. During breakfast I caught up with my new mates from Belgium. They have experience racing this race from the years before. They tell me it's going...