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27. januari 2017
Zoals jullie wellicht weten is één van mijn doelen voor 2017 om meer triatlons te gaan rijden. Via Instagram werd ik geattendeerd op de triatlon Krimpenerwaard, die op 27 mei 2017 gehouden wordt. Ik besloot maar meteen de koe bij de horens te vatten en heb mij ingeschreven. De 1/4 was helaas al vol, dus heb mij ingeschreven voor de 1/8. Hoef ik minder ver te lopen. Hihi.
29. oktober 2016
Today I decided to go for a fun training on the trails. Not so much for training purposes, but mainly to have fun in the little bike park. In just a 50 minute drive i'm in Vlaardingen Bikepark. Which is mainly used as a XC trail. There's a 9km route that takes you through the entire park. The route houses a few tricky corners and some nice obstacles. No real hills, but there are some inclines. For those who want to improve their skills there is small bike park which houses difficult descents,...
09. augustus 2016
It's always nice to pick up my racing numbers and race information. But on this occasion it's very special because this is my first ever mountainbike race. I'm excited as well as very tensed because I've got no idea what to expect. As I'm writing this post I'm waiting for my diner and also waiting for the official briefing. Here are some pictures of what was in my race bag.
06. augustus 2016
As you've seen by now, i'm more a road cyclist than I am a mountain biker. I love mountain biking because it allows a lot more goofing around and doing crazy stuff than on my road bike. Not that I don't try on the road bike, I do. Because i'm not on my mountainbike every week, I needed to set-up my suspension for the upcoming event. I think it's mostly going to be XC with a little bit of enduro down hill parts. That just seems like a lot of fun! With the suspension set correctly off course.
08. juli 2016
On Monday afternoon I decided to go for a quick loop on the TT bike. Just to feel how my legs were after a weekend of intense training. At the turn around point near Capelle a/d IJssel I checked my average speed and power output. 34,6km/h and 249watts. With a tail wind going back I decided to give it all to try and get a personal best. But it was not to be. After a little corner I stood on the pedals to accelerate when suddenly I was lying on the asphalt. I was in total disbelieve in what just...