New things, changes to website, and all new stuff!

It's been a while since my last update, but it's not because I wasn't working on new ideas. The last couple of weeks have been very busy and I've been thinking of some sort of strategy for the website. To get it a little more structured. So i've been asking around for advice regarding language, and planning. 


Yeah language. As I am dutch, it might be better to write my website in dutch, instead of english. Although I personally still prefer English. But some of my viewers and friends all said Dutch might be better. And there is off course always google translate. 


Don't worry, i'm not going to be scripted and everything. Planning is more in regarding to when to post stuff. The context is still going to be the same. Fun and crazy!


More reviews & builds

yeah, thats a Unicycle. A gift from my friends on my birthday. The'll be a review with funny footage online soon!

Reviews about the Zhiyun Rider M will be online soon too, and i've converted my Fox fork from 120mm to 150mm travel. For my special project in 2017. More new about that later!

So, for now, if you have any ideas, or advise, please contact me or leave a comment, any help is welcome. Thanks for reading my blog today, I'll write to you soon.

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