Playing around in bikepark Vlaardingen.

Today I decided to go for a fun training on the trails. Not so much for training purposes, but mainly to have fun in the little bike park. 


In just a 50 minute drive i'm in Vlaardingen Bikepark. Which is mainly used as a XC trail. There's a 9km route that takes you through the entire park. The route houses a few tricky corners and some nice obstacles. No real hills, but there are some inclines.


For those who want to improve their skills there is small bike park which houses difficult descents, steep inclines, rock gardens, and wooden bridges / obstacles. It's not really tricky, but it takes some skill. 

Some endurance training with fun obstacles.

My plan was to ride the XC course 3 times at about 90% effort and then the 4th time at 100%. This would also let me find out how my new 27.5 enduro bike compares to my old 29er XC bike. Despite the smaller wheels it should be more agile in de slow and narrow corners. 2km into my first lap and I already preferred my new bike over the old one. It's so much more nimble. On the course there are a few choices in line. On one you need to cross an obstacle and on the other you don't. I always choose the obstacle. But with this bike, the choice is even easier. You can just play around with it. And after playing around you lock the front & rear shock and it feels like a fast hardtail.

Off course, it's not possible for me to get aerodynamic of low on the front end because of the slack head tube and 130mm travel on the Fox shock. But nevertheless it's very quick. 


The first 3 laps felt very comfortable and relatively easy. The 4th lap I gave it my best shot, and despite some near misses, I managed to scrape 2,5 minutes of my best time. And that was on my cyclocross bike. OK, that's also to do with my current fitness, and the fact that it wasn't -4 degrees outside.  But i'll take it.

Fun fun fun. Just playing around!

After my endurance laps, I went for a few nice laps on the bikepark. With nice obstacles to improve my skills on the bike. After doing a few laps, I planted my GoPro for some shots, and here's the result. At the end of the video there is also a FAILS video. 

Memories to when I was a kid.

As you can see in the video, I just had a lot of fun. Playing around like this on a bike, makes me think back at the days when I was a little kid hosting my own MTB races in the small play garden in front of my parents house. Fun memories. 

Trial and error.

As you can see in the FAILS video. It took many times of practice to succeed eventually. But I believe that if you just persevere, you will succeed. 


Thanks for reading my story today, and I'll write to you tomorrow. Please feel free to leave a comment below. 

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    piet (zaterdag, 29 oktober 2016 19:01)

    Lekker bezig geweest

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    Jens Fossum (zondag, 09 december 2018 18:55)


    I am taking my family to the Netherlands next summer. We are looking for nice blue (and red) trails. Could you help us out?