A solid training with the focus on the Velomediane.

"The best way to deal with disappointment is to look forward."

Today's training was going to be a nice solid ride on the tri bike. Me and Piet Boom met up at my place for a nice up tempo 80k ride.

A ferry to cross the river, then a 30k ride towards the bridge of Vianen, cross the bridge towards Nieuwegein and then do some laps on the cycling track Nedereindse berg. A small 2.6k track with a small ascent in the middle. It's not much, but enough to hurt the legs.


The first part of the ride we had a strong head wind, trying to average about 230watts. The next part would be to get to the track. At the track my mate Piet kindly offered to make pictures and videos of me riding the laps. Very generous of him, although I know his legs are still hurting a little bit from yesterdays ride. Nevertheless I took the offer and went off for about 5 laps of the track. My goal? Trying to average 260watts for the first 3 laps and 240watts for the last 2. And off course, pretending it hurts like hell when passing the camera. 

The legs felt great with a lot of power. And the hurting was real. Happy with the laps and rhythm. 


After doing a small break with talk about bikes and gearing, we set off towards home. Knowing we would have a nice tail wind all the way home. I let the way towards Schoonhoven, then saying goodbye to Piet and then made my way towards home. Trying to average 40+km/h the last 6k. 


Today was a great ride, with great company as well as great weather. Everyone knows I love the sunny days!


Thanks for reading my story today and I'll write to you tomorrow. I'll leave you with some pictures of the day.


Looking forward to your comments.

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    Robin (maandag, 15 augustus 2016 17:44)

    I am proud of you, You had a rough week, with me telling you to rest. Yesterday you went running and today you feel good on the bike. I think you are a smart cyclist who knows what's best.

    Don't limit your challenges, challange your limits!