Illness strikes

Just before diner my illness came back, and this time in such a way, which lead me to another visit at the doctor. This time I had a high fever and all the signs of the flu. The doctor told me to take it easy and eat a proper meal. So at diner, that's what I did. 

During diner the next stage was explained and the winners of stage 1 were honored. 

And yet another visit to the doctor

As my illness wasn't going away I made another visit to the doctors office for another exam. This time the conclusion was very simple. With the flu and especially the fever I'm not aloud to start the race anymore. 

This is where my race ends

So my race already ends on day 1. Off course I'm extremely disappointed. I cried like a little baby. It's not like i've trained for this the last year, but still, it was a great opportunity to see what I could do on the mountain bike. 


But in the end even I know, that with a flu and 4 tough days coming up. If by some miracle I would reach the finish. It would do more damage than good. And with my big race coming in just 2 weeks, I need to rest and prepare myself in another way. But quitting is just not something I do easily. And I don't like to be vulnerable. 

Feels a lot like being sent home from school

The organizers were nice enough to arrange a taxi back to my car. in Offenburg. Then I had to say goodbye to everybody and do the walk of shame. I know it's not like that, but it feels like everybody's thinking: "Loser, loser."


As i'm driving home i'm thinking about all the people i'm letting down. My friends, my sponsors, my girl, but mostly myself. 

After 10minutes of negative thinking, some crying, and some swearing, I put on some music and started planning my next training. But first I need to recover properly form this flu. 


Thanks for reading my story today and I'll keep you guys updated about my progress.

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    Robin (maandag, 15 augustus 2016 00:47)

    You made a tough but very good decision. Your health is the most important thing, and the Velomeridiane is not going to be less of a challenge. You take your rest, Everything is going to be alright! ''I don't have a bucketlist, but my 'bike-itlist' is a mile long...

    Love you!