Suspension set-up and having some fun on the mountain-bike

Finding that perfect set-up

As you've seen by now, i'm more a road cyclist than I am a mountain biker. I love mountain biking because it allows a lot more goofing around and doing crazy stuff than on my road bike. Not that I don't try on the road bike, I do. 


Because i'm not on my mountainbike every week, I needed to set-up my suspension for the upcoming event. I think it's mostly going to be XC with a little bit of enduro down hill parts. That just seems like a lot of fun! With the suspension set correctly off course. 

Bike on the car, and let's go!

I decided to go to Zoetermeer bike park. It's easy to get there, and it's a small 5km loop with has everything in it. Steep ascents, and tricky descents. Ideal for setting up suspension.


After just a few hundred meters I needed to adjust the rebound on my rear shock because it was throwing me off the bike every time there was a small bump in the road. After a few clicks adjustment, everything was much smoother and very comfortable. My front shock was set up correctly already. With the 3 different remote settings it's very easy to shift between settings.  

Dropper post on XC bike?

A lot of people told me I was crazy to fit a dropper post on an XC bike. But after using it a lot, I'm totally satisfied with my choice.

It's easy to control and it gives me more room to move about to the rear when descending. I took some getting used to, especially choosing the moment to put the saddle down or up.


Here a video of me testing various things. In the end, i'm pretty happy with the result. 


Thanks for reading my story today and i'll write to you next time. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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