Wednesday evening ride with mates

As some of you might know, we have a small group of riders we ride with on Wednesdays and during the weekend. Even though sometimes it's hard to get everyone together, we try to keep in touch en ride together at least once a week. Today was no exception even though today was only me and my mate Piet Boom. 

This little loop of around 55km is a course we ride very. As we are only able to train after work during the week, we can only ride for about 2 hours max. During summer, we could ride a little longer, but during winter times, this lap is perfect.


Today was a good ride, even though Piet didn't have a very good day today, we could manage a steady pace and eventually achieve a nice average speed. Considering there were winds up to 30km/h we were happy with the ride. And even more happy with the coffee at my place. 


Thanks for reading my story today and i'll write to you tomorrow. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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    piet (woensdag, 03 augustus 2016 22:14)

    Was een lekker rondje. Ook al heb ik idd betere dagen gehad

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    Gerdine (woensdag, 03 augustus 2016 22:18)

    Leuks rondje ga ik ook een keer rijden maar dan wat zachter denk ik!