What to do to recover after a heavy training?

Stretching and resting

Personally I try to do several things. But most important is stretching and resting.


Active recovery and recovery shakes

Active recovery is a big part of my recovery. Especially after a hard and painful run, it's great to ease of the legs with an easy bike ride. Trying to get most of the lactic acids out of my legs. I also make a homemade recovery shake that includes: fruits, nuts, muesli, and honey milk. You can also use a standard recovery shake, that works good as well. I like to use my version for these kind of days. When i'm away and can't easy find the ingredients I like to use Etixx full complex training shake chocolate flavor. 


I also drink loads of fluids. Just to make sure all the vitamins and minerals levels are up again. 

Ice bath

Sometimes in summer or after training in extreme heat I like to take an ice bath. Well, I say "like" but nobody likes an ice bath. Those things are shrivelers. But it helps with muscle recovery and also lowers your core temperature which also helps with recovery. 


Overall recovery is also training. I think it's probably the part of training most underestimated and forgotten.

Don't forget, if your body recovers well, you can do another great training the day after. If you're still tired, the training won't be as good. 


Thanks for reading my story today. I'll write to you next time. Please feel free to leave a comment or questions below.

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