Epic training day part 2 and 3

When I came home first thing to do was have a cup of coffee and discuss today fun ride. As Piet left for home, I quickly prepared for the run in de blistering sun. 

15min warm up, then mile repeats at 6min/mile

The plan for today was to do a 15 min warm up followed by some mile repeats at Ironman pace. Which for me should average around 6min/mile. At least, thats what i'm currently trying to do. Sometimes I can, and sometimes I can't. 


After the warm up, my body already felt tired and stress. So I stopped for 60sec to stretch my upper body. This seemed to help.

Then the mile repeats started with 2min between each mile. After 4 mile repeats I decided to do a sort of sprint session. 1min run followed by 30sec rest. Each run adding half a minute but still keeping the same rest time. After just 45min I finished my run exercise and went home for a quick recovery ride with my girl. 

Recovery ride with my girl

I grabbed something to eat and some iced water, changed into my lycra, filled our bidons with energy drink and we went for a nice recovery ride. Even though the sun was flaming hot, we still enjoyed the ride. 

Thanks for reading my story today. I'll write to you next time. Please feel free to leave a comment or questions below.

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