Epic training day part 1

In trying to get more used to transition between cycling and running i'm going to train this the coming weeks. How? Well, simply by cycling at least 90km and afterwards running at least 10km. And more importantly, trying to do a lot of mile repeats at race pace. This is so my body can get used to the hard effort immediately after coming of the bike. I know it's not the full length of my Ironman 70.3 goal, but the long run effort I'll do at another time in the week. Also, my endurance is already there, it just needs to get used to a running rhythm.

Riding with my mate Piet Boom. Exploring for new roads

After riding in this environment for over 10 years now, all the roads look the same and you get the idea that you've seen every road. So exploring for new routes and new roads can be a lot of fun. My mate Piet Boom, who'm which I ride with 3 times a week told me he had a good idea for a new route. He elected to go a little more south than we normally do. I was in for it, so this morning we left at 8:30am, crossed the ferry at Schoonhoven and went on our way to the deep south. (not really, but that sounds better than Brabant)


After riding for about 40km we started reaching roads we've never seen before, and that made us happy. Also, going south meant going into the Biesbosch area, which is a sort of park in Brabant. Almost no houses, and lots of trees and water. And also, SHEEPS! LOTS OF SHEEPS!

As you can probably see, apart from all the sheep nr2 this is a beautiful environment to cycle and have a good training. What I like the most about this route selected, is the fact that there a lots of altitude chances along the way. Lots of bridges and lots of little uphill sprint. Especially in long endurance training it's nice to mix it up with a small uphill sprint or a sprint to the top of the bridge. To put it short, I had a lot of fun!


What's not to like. Training outside in the sun in a stunning environment with good company. Just having fun and talking about new bikes.

Piet, mate, thanks for the beautiful ride today. I enjoyed every minute of it.  

Thanks for reading my story today. I'll write to you next time. Please feel free to leave a comment or questions below.

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    piet (dinsdag, 19 juli 2016 18:03)

    Was idd een top ronde jij ook bedankt

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    Schaap (maandag, 25 juli 2016 12:16)

    One sheep, two sheep...