Recovery ride with my girl, and then food food food


After my training day, I always try to make time to go for a ride with my girl. As we made a promise to each other at the beginning of her summer holiday to try and ride 3 times a week. So today was #NOEXCUSE for me. So, after a my recovery shake and a nice ice cold drink, we quickly went on our way together. 

"The pain will fade, all in time luv."

As you can see, she's still having fun, even though today's more painful than last time. She's experiencing the normal cycling problems. Soreness and painful legs. But that will fade, all in time luv, all in good time.


As for now, i'm very very very proud, and happy we can share these memories together.


Thanks for reading my story today. I'll write to you next time. Please feel free to leave a comment or questions below.

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    Robin (dinsdag, 19 juli 2016 16:12)

    Thank you for training me, you are very helpful, and thanks to you I like to go for a ride. It is the perfect way to forget how busy we are and to come closer together. ❤️