Saturday: Triathlon training day.

Today was going to be tough. Planned for a hard 125km bike ride and after an immediate transition into a 11km run.

Difficult crosswinds on the bike

By checking the weather report I knew they predicted hard wind speeds up to 40 km/h. But I wasn't expecting it to be that bad.

But it was, from the start I got a firm head wind and that kept on coming for at least 40km. I don't mind head winds, but cross winds can be dangerous, especially in buildup arias. But I most say, the bike handles this very well. I still feel it, but it's not throwing me off the bike. 

45km tailwind

After the van Brienenoord brug near Rotterdam, I turned around and had a nice comfortable tail wind. The next 45km went by very quickly. With speeds getting up to 54km/h.


When turning at the bridge near Vianen, the legs still felt great, so I decided to push for the last 30km to get a good effort in. Average about 260watts for the ride was my goal. The last 10km I eased off a little bit, because I knew the run was getting closer.

A quick iced water and we were on the move again

After getting home, I quickly put on my running shoes, had an iced water, put on my cap, music, and got on my way again. Setting off for a 10km run, in 2 splits. 5km at 4min15sec/km pace and then 5km at 4min/km. With a break in between. letting my heart rate drop below 100 and the starting again. 

This training you don't do everyday. Maybe not even every week.

This type of training I try to do every month. Sometimes in heavy training weeks i'll do this effort twice. But my body needs a full resting day afterwards. 


Thank you for reading my stories today and i'll write to you next time. Please feel free to leave a comment or any question below.

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