Painful crash with TT bike


On Monday afternoon I decided to go for a quick loop on the TT bike. Just to feel how my legs were after a weekend of intense training. 


At the turn around point near Capelle a/d IJssel I checked my average speed and power output. 34,6km/h and 249watts. With a tail wind going back I decided to give it all to try and get a personal best. But it was not to be.


After a little corner I stood on the pedals to accelerate when suddenly I was lying on the asphalt. I was in total disbelieve in what just happened. Had no clue. Luckily there were some cyclists there who'd seen what happened and they told me the story.


Apparently I flipped over the front bars and landed on my back. Looking over the data from my Garmin I was doing 44.6 km/h and with 0.4sec I was to a standstill. Don't know how many G forces that translates to, but it HURTS.

How did this happen?

After getting my bearings straight again and feeling if all my bones were still connected I looked at the bike. Did my chain break? Did the tyre explode? What had happend causing this sudden stand still. And then I saw what happened. 


An inner tube had escaped from my draft box and wedged itself in between my rear tyre and my frame. Causing an immediate handbrake effect. I suppose the Draft box II had opened on a slight bump and let the tyre out. Maybe a faulty design or a broken lid. Anyway, this is not suppose to happen.

The damage

Off course my clothing was wrecked and everything was torn to pieces. But I was relatively fine. I mean, it could have been a lot worse.

Abrasions and bruises hurt like hell, but they will heal. As for the bike, no real serious damage. Just a broken armholder from where my knee hit it, and some shavings of the left pedal. Everything else was fine. Obviously I had taken the beating. And how serious that beating was, I realized when I got home. My helmet had split in half. I've added some pictures below so you guys can see the damage. I'm sorry for those of you who can't stand blood. 

Trek customer service

After this had happened I put my crash on Instagram and immediately got contacted by Trek customer service. They wanted to know what happened and offered me new clothing and helmet. I must say, they were excellent. Very willing to think with the customer and it's nice to know they take you serious as their customer. A special thanks to Jeroen Grave, who's is Customer Service Representative for Trek Europe.

He and I met on the bike motion in Utrecht last year. 


Despite some bad comments on their Facebook page, I must say, that Trek has solved my complaints very well. Last year with a warranty brake problem and now with this inconvenience. I'm extremely happy with everything they've done for me. 


On Friday I was called to day that my new kit, helmet and replacement parts for the bike would be arriving as soon as possible.

When it arrives, I will upload the pictures of the new kit and helmet. 

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