New kit & helmet, thanks to Trek Customer Service.

Gift day! New kit & helmet

Today I received my new cycling kit & helmet from Bontrager, or specifically Trek bikes.


I really really like the kit. Nice baby blue with red accents everywhere. The helmet to fits like a glove.



  • Bontrager Ballista BiB & shirt. Powder blue & Trek red. BiB size medium / shirt size small.
  • Bontrager Velocis helmet. White / viper red / bright silver. Size small.

After riding this kit for 6 hours now, I must say, that it's one of the best cycling kits i've ever used. 


Good fit, and good shammies. Which is nice, taking in account that this set normally would set you back € 340,-. For that money you do get great quality. 


The helmet took me some getting used to. The fit is great, but having used several Spiuk Dharma's in the last years this feels different. But after a few hours I god used to it, and hardly noticed it on my head anymore. And that is one of the best quality's for a helmet. Also the ventilation is great. In my old helmet the hotter temperatures could be a problem because of sweat coming down into your eyes, but with this helmet, no problems so far. And the helmet comes with attachable cap, for during those rainy days. And spare inner foam. 


All in all i'm extremely happy and thankful to Trek for sending this to me. Also the arm holders and new lid for my Draft box.

More amazing, this all got resolved within 5 days. That's amazing customer service in my point of view. 


Here are some pictures of unboxing it all. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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