An easy ride with my girl

As some of you might know, my girlfriend likes to cycle as well. Not as often as she would like, but nevertheless she likes it.

Now that she's enjoying her summer holiday we made a deal to go cycling every other day. At least try to do that. Therefor she can get used to the bike and build some endurance. So, today, after completing my own training, we had a quick diner and went on our way. 

First rides are always difficult

As you all know, after not cycling for a while the body just isn't used to it anymore, so you need some time to get used to it again.

If you're an experienced rider who's used to doing 10.000km every year, it's not a problem to leave the bike for a couple of weeks. But if you're new to cycling after a few weeks it feels like the first time again. Everything gets sore and everything hurts. 

Try to keep it fun, and gradually build confidence

What I mean by that, is to keep the rides fun. Not make them to long or to hard at the beginning. Once you'll get more and more endurance the rides will go further and become harder. That just happens. But for now it's important to keep the bike a happy place. 

Building confidence on a bike if you're no daredevil can be difficult. You can feel and hear everything on a road bike. It's also pretty twitchy sometimes. Confidence will come with the miles. So for now, just cruising a long and talking about how wonderful the countryside can be. And no talking about average speeds, wattage, maximum heart-rate, bike handling or position. Just butterflies and dragonflies.

She's having fun

So far, as far as I can tell, she's having fun on the bike. Today she'd even try to out sprint me at a town sign. She failed, but nevertheless a very nice try. And that shows a lot of confidence. A lot of confidence. Before today we'd only ridden at maximum 35 km/h and yesterday she reached a peak of 46km/h. Thats a massive difference. 


We also rode up a small bridge near Capelle aan den IJssel, called the Algerabrug. It's a short accent with 6% gradient but it can hurt a lot. But yesterday we rode up together at a steady pace of 22km/h. And I believe she could have gone faster. 

I'm a proud boyfriend

Yes I am very very proud of my girl. She's no daredevil but she never says no to a challenge and that will get you a long way.


I'll keep you guys updated on our rides. Thanks for reading my blog today and I'll write to you tomorrow.

Please feel free to leave a comment below. 

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    Robin (maandag, 11 juli 2016 22:26)

    You are handsome, I will follow you everywhere. Looking forward to our next traning!