Making training schedules and sticking too them.

Every six weeks I pick up my little calendar and write in my specific training schedule for every day of the week. Why every six weeks? Because I need to mix it up, to keep it interesting, and to push your body to do new things. But the most important reason is that some training loads your body just can't sustain all year. 


So for me it works to make a new training schedule ever six weeks. I don't do major overhauls, after all, i'm still a triathlete, so it's always going to be with that kind of race in mind. Also part of the schedule is a monthly weighing at my local gym. Just to see what's what. But it's more about keeping a checkbook rather than actually being interested in my own weight of fat percentage.


My training schedule also varies when there are races or specific goals that i wanna working towards. 


In having a freelance job it allows me to basically make my own working schedule. Often people think that's very convenient and most of the time it is. But sometimes it can also be difficult. As my working hours are never the same. 


And that's the main reason for this post. I'm sure everybody copes with these "challenges" in training schedules. 


On Wednesday for instance I'd normally be in the pool from 7 till 8 am. Than do some core work in the gym, and then a training ride in the evening with friends. Last Wednesday, I had to chance everything because of an appointment in the hospital in the morning and an evening seminar at work. 


Do you guys experience these "challenges' as well and what's your way of dealing with them? Let me know in the comment below.



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