Sunday morning training with mates.

Almost every Sunday, on the schedule there's an endurance ride with my mates. Most of the times it's just me and the Brother Piet & Corne Boom, but occasionally some other friends join in. More riders equals more fun. Riding with a group can be great, but you always have to focus on your own training objective. 

The route.

Today we set off for a 100+ kilometer ride, starting with a strong head wind, then a big peace with tail/side wind, and to finish the training, some head wind.


My training plan was to go hard for about 22 kilometers, but not too hard from the beginning, about 220 watts. Then do a hard sprint on a bridge to get the heart-rate to the max. Then a 50kilometer hard time trial ride towards some bridges, On the bridges easy off a little bit. Then a strong time trial towards home. 


In the end, training went great. As planned. With great views and great roads, this route is always a smile maker. 

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