Trainingcamp Tenerife day 3 (Wednesday)

Los Gigantes

Woke up this morning to the soundtrack of Flashdance. I think it was some elderly people doing aqua gym in the pool. Not something you need to see, trust me. As I opened my apartment doors the sun was welcoming me. The thermometer was showing 29 degrees Celsius. So, a perfect day for cycling.


Whilst having breakfast and a coffee, I remembered the 2 Belgian guys from yesterday mentioning something about these amazing cliffs emerging from the sea called Los Gigantes. I just had to check it out. 


I selected a nice "easy" road up to Los Gigantes. Easy is a very relative meaning on this island because nothing is ever easy around here. You either go up, or you go down. There's not much in between. And I can't believe these words are actually coming out of my mouth. But I really miss the boring flats in the Netherlands. Anyway, enough sentiment for today. The road was very beautiful and despite the up & downs the going was very easy. I made a small tourist deviation towards Puerto de Santiago, because the Belgians told me to do that.


I'm glad I did. Lots of people, nice cars and beautiful ships in the harbor. And to top it off, on of the most beautiful coastal roads I've ever cycled on. Luckily I have just the song to guide me on this road. Jimi Hendrix - Voodoo Child. Always loved that song on the Top Gear Vietnam Special. The road turned and turned and then I was rewarded with a beautiful sight. The cliffs of Los Gigantes. Just like the White Cliffs of Dover apart from the fact that those are white, and not as tall. Anyway, a must see for everyone who ever comes to visit Tenerife.

Santiago del Teide

Having covered only 26 kilometers so far, I decided to just move forward and follow the signs Santiago del Teide. After a few hundred meters I stopped at a gas station for some cold water and a coke. The coke would be my reward once I reached the top at Santiago del Teide and the water was to prevent me from dehydrating. At altitude the body needs to be hydrated properly. Something I forgot the first day I was here. Moving on and quickly climbing towards 900 meters altitude I thought I made a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in Switserland. Everything was so clean, and green. Like a Swiss alpine road in the summer. Everyday i'm more amazed by how many beautiful roads there are in Tenerife. With goosebumps and painful legs I reached Santiago del Teide. At 1385 meters altitude, there's nothing special there. Just a village with some cafe's. Luckily I found a nice comfy sofa, so I could enjoy the few and my well deserved coke. And take a picture of a horse carriage.

"Time difference".

For the downhill part of this journey I decided to take a different route, so I could see more of this part of Tenerife. Funny enough, I first had to go up to 1500 meters altitude. The scenery changed from being beautiful and green into being horrible and volcano like. And I forget to mention one thing earlier. Funny enough the wind was blowing like crazy up here. Maybe as strong as 28 - 35 km/h. Almost felt like Mont Ventoux. But it didn't make the views less spectacular. A mountain pass, with in the far background Puerto de Santiago.


As I reached the top I was welcomed by some strange birds and big lizards. Then, zipped up my shirt, and went downhill. A quick descent meant I was well back in time for the final of the Giro d'Italia.. Unfortunately I forgot about the time difference. So, instead I was very much in time for the podium ceremony. Well, with nothing else to do, I decided to try out some of my trial skills on the mountain bike. The lava beaches & big rocks make for perfect trial practice ground. Let's say, I did some crazy stuff, and had a lot of fun doing it. More video's with  proof of these skills will be online in the coming weeks.


Thanks for reading my story today, and I'll write to you again tomorrow. Please feel free to leave a comment below.

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  • #1

    Robin (donderdag, 19 mei 2016 00:06)

    Normally I would nag about all the cyclingrelated things on the diningtable, or I would complain about the number of bicycles in the livingroom (four), but right now, I miss it. I miss you around me, I miss your mess, I miss your stories about why the mess is there. I miss you.

    Nonetheless, I’m delighted to see you having fun and I think it is remarkable that you have the discipline to do all this!

    (Stop having fun, come home!)

  • #2

    Corne (donderdag, 19 mei 2016 06:09)

    Ziet er goed uit man.
    Lekker weer daar

  • #3

    piet (donderdag, 19 mei 2016 07:21)

    Haha je moet ook twee horloges dragen voor dat tijd verschil he

  • #4

    Wilma (donderdag, 19 mei 2016 10:40)

    Uit jou prachtig geschreven verhalen kan ik zien dat je het naar je zin hebt. En zo ook ik. Wat een prachtige omgeving kan niet wachten om zelf te gaan :)
    Succes vandaag en blijf genieten !!!!!

  • #5

    Henk (donderdag, 19 mei 2016 17:48)

    Źiet er gelikt uit